Test reviews 12.08.2016

Bikesoup - Litening C:68 Race

Bikesoup took a look at our Litening C:68 Race.

"Most new bikes nowadays fit neatly into a specific category. Even within road race bikes, most manufacturers split their range into endurance (or classics), lightweight, and aero machines. The Litening, however, is a good old fashioned, all-round race bike. This means it is mostly designed to be light, but also nods towards aerodynamic frame design and comforting compliance on rough roads. So the question is, is this a good thing, or is the  Litening destined to lie stranded in the middle ground with no defining features?"

The Verdict:

"While it might not be bang on the aerodynamic, or be following full endurance trends, or even matte paintwork trends, Cube have put together a very capable race bike for a lot less money than you’d expect for such a spec and such a ride. While the frameset could be more forgiving and stable, and the tyres are a bit limiting, its intentions are firmly in favour or the “race” category, and its hard to have the best of both worlds.

There’s not much need to upgrade any of the components, and if you do find some suitably high end gear later in life, the Litening framset is still a very worthy place to put it.

Opinions seem divided on looks, but underneath the Cube-like exterior is an undeniable stiff and light weight frame that is fast, fast, fast. While its no aero bike for the flat-land roadies, the Litening is the perfect weapon for a climber or puncheur/sprinter wanting to launch some attacks. All this comes with the best mechanical groupset I think money can buy, and a stunning set of wheels that help keep the bike under 7kg, and yet the whole package will still leave you with some change in your pocket for ample cake at the end of a ride."

You can find the whole review here: http://www.bikesoup.com/magazine/review-cube-litening-c68-race-road-bike/

CUBE Litening C:68 Race: http://www.cube.eu/en/products/road-race/litening/cube-litening-c68-race-teamline-2016/