Test reviews 13.07.2016

Bikesoup - Axial WLS GTC SL Disc

A review of our Axial WLS GTC SL Disc was published by the bikesoup magazine.

"The Axial is Cube’s women’s specific ‘fast endurance’ road bike. It is meant to be comfortable in terms of tarmac buzz, but still keeps a geometry that could easily be raced or pushed hard on your local club ride. It shares similar DNA to the male, or generic gendered, Agree, and has all the same spec options in the range, but with women’s specific saddles, and a more feminine makeover. Despite being aimed at women, we have found these bikes to turn more male heads than most male-oriented bikes, as we found with the deep metallic reds of the standard Axial GTC SL we reviewed in 2015.

The Verdict:

The Axial GTC SL Disc is nothing like its non-disc sister. It is stiff and responsive with fluid uphill pedalling power and it doesn’t suffer from uneasy flexing around corners or on fast descents like the 2015 non-disc model did. It feels racey in it’s power transfer, but the position is rather relaxed, which could leave you feeling a tiny bit confused as to its true purpose, but the combination does do it’s intentions justice, i.e. comfortable leisure riding, be that short and sprint, or long and lazy. The robust frame gives a confident ride without being too harsh, and the discs allow for more than enough braking power for the road, even though I wasn’t a big fan of their modulation (or lack there of).

All-in-all, it felt a bit like a fly-weight touring bike, in that it was sturdy yet relaxed, but still had the capacity to cruise up to speed. Despite being a responsive ride on descents and corners, I wouldn’t point this at the speed freaks or the serious club riders, but it does seem to be a great bike for building skill and confidence on the roads. I can see this being a cracking bike for the novice, empassioned lady roadie who needs a stead that would really tackle everything from a short city sprint to a long haul through the Alps in changing weather. The Axial Disc is perhaps a true do it all road bike, if there is such a thing, but most definitely a confidence inspiring leisure bike, and an utter bargain at that."

You can find the whole review here: http://www.bikesoup.com/magazine/review-cube-axial-wls-gtc-sl-disc-2016/