Test reviews 13.07.2016

Bikesoup - Access WLS Race

Our Access WLS Race was reviewed by the bikesoup magazine.

"Really, another Cube under the Bikesoup spotlight, I hear you cry. Well, it won’t be the last. The reason is simple, Cube have such a massive range of bikes and it’s a real credit to them. Instead of looking at them all as confusing, look at them all as though they are extremely likely to have a bike perfect for your riding and your budget. The WLS, or ‘Woman Like Series’ may sound like a bad translation from German, but it’s allowed them to offer bikes that they feel are more specific to women, be that with paint jobs and saddles, or full reworking of geometry and frame weight for the lighter rider. There’s nothing to say a woman must buy from this range, but there are plenty of women out there that need something a little different from the mainstream, and the Cube Access is a great example.

The Verdict:

I was pleasantly surprised by the weight of the bike and the overall performance. It is a very light and comfortable bike for the money and, although the disc brakes are mechanical and the spec is a tad basic, it is good for the price range and more than adequate for a novice rider or an occasional adventurer. The position is fairly upright, which exudes confidence and has an orientation more towards viewing the scenery than racing through woods, despite what the title suggests.

All in all, I would certainly recommend this to anyone who wants to start riding off-road, but doesn’t want a big heavy cumbersome ride that will almost certainly put you off after a few rides. It’s not a girly looking bike by any means, but it does come in “Mocha ‘n’ Mint” if you want something a little less LBD, and it does cater for all your womanly needs with a drop top-tube for good stand over clearance, and comfortable control points; namely the saddle and grips."

You can find the whole review here: http://www.bikesoup.com/magazine/review-cube-access-wls-race-womans-mountain-bike/